Continuing TCM Education Series 1: Endocrinology

Co-organized by Eu Yan Sang Academy and Singapore Chinese Medical Union

Event Date: 04 – 06 July 2014

CTE Points: 6

About the Speaker: Professor Tang Hong

Tang Hong, Professor, Chief Physician, mentor to Master’s students. She is currently the chief physician of the Endocrinology Department of Longhua Hospital (affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Director of Western Internal Medicine Department and belongs to the top 10 TCM Senior Clinical Professionals in Shanghai.

Prof Tang is also a member of Diabetes Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Diabetes Branch of Shanghai Medical Association, Shanghai Institute of Integrative Medicine Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases, Shanghai Medical Association Diabetes Branch, Shanghai Endocrinology Quality Control Centre, Shanghai Medical Malpractice Group.

She is dedicated to the first line of medical teaching and research for a long period of time. She has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience over the years, personalizing treatment for each patient. Over the years, Professor Tang Hong committed to the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine and metabolic diseases in both Western and Chinese Medicine. Professor Tang specializes in using integrative medicine, mainly through the use of use of Chinese Medicine, for the treatment and management of diabetes and its complications, endocrine diseases such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, and thyroid nodules, obesity. In the recent years, she is committed to the research of diabetes and its complications. Other than medication, complemented with physiotherapy, washing therapy and acupuncture, the clinical outcomes are desirable. She has also hosted and participated in the research studies of numerous topics, published over 10 articles of academic papers.


1. Clinical Experience and Research Findings in TCM for the management of Diabetes and its complications

2. Clinical Experience and Research Findings in TCM for the management of thyroid diseases