Ethics Workshop for TCM Professionals

This is an inaugural collaboration between Eu Yan Sang Academy and NUS Centre for Biomedical Ethics (CBmE). The Ethics Workshop for TCM Professionals aims to introduce key ethical principles to TCM practitioners as they relate to professional medical practice. This 1-day workshop focuses on two core topics in clinical ethics: Informed Consent, and Medical Confidentiality and Privacy. The lectures consists of both theoretical and practical material, and cases are used for small-group discussion. We had the honor to invite Dr Peter Loke and Dr Voo Teck Chuan from the Centre for Biomedical Ethics as speakers for this workshop.

Learning Outcomes
  • Increase TCM practitioners’ awareness of issues of ethics, law and professionalism in the practice of medicine and health care in Singapore
  • Increase their appreciation of and responsiveness to their professional and legal duties and responsibilities
  • Develop their ability to employ an ethical approach to managing ethical challenges and conflicts that may present in TCM practices