EYS-SHUTCM TCM Elective for Medical Students 2015-2017

The Eu Yan Sang-Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Elective is a programme jointly developed by Eu Yan Sang Academy and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the first recognized structured TCM elective being offered to students from NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

The objectives of this programme are to provide NUS Medical Students with an overview into the theory and practice of TCM as well as its role in integrative healthcare. In this 4-week elective programme, participants are able to gain an appreciation of different aspects of TCM and understand how TCM can play a role in today’s healthcare systems.

The programme will commence with 2 weeks of TCM fundamental training in Eu Yan Sang Academy with clinical attachments to Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinics for students to observe how TCM is being regulated and practiced in Singapore. The subsequent 2 weeks in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will allow students to further develop their understanding through clinical observations in an integrative hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine where TCM is practiced alongside with western medicine. Students will also have the opportunity to accompany renowned TCM physicians on their hospital ward rounds. Throughout the 4-week programme, students will be under the guidance of highly experienced TCM physicians in Singapore and Shanghai, China.

Learning Outcomes
  • To be introduced to TCM and have an appreciation of the concepts and theories of TCM
  • To have an understanding of TCM in clinical setting and observe how it co-exists with Western Medicine
  • To be updated on the developments of the integration of East-West Medicine in clinical setting

For more information on this event, kindly click here for the brochure.