Continuing TCM Education Series 7: Hepatology

Co-organized by Eu Yan Sang Academy and Singapore Chinese Medical Union

Event Date: 26 – 28 August 2016

CTE Points: 9

*Local registered TCM Practitioners are eligible for Employment and Employability Institute’s (e2i) 50% Course Fee Subsidy. For more information, kindly refer to the Terms and Conditions.
About the Speaker: Professor Zhang Wei

Professor Zhang Wei is a Chief Physician of the Hepatology Department in Longhua Hospital (affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), TCM leading talent in Shanghai, and a distinguished lecturer in Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She holds numerous positions in various clubs and associations related to her specialization and is also on the editorial board for several medical magazines.

Professor Zhang specialises in using integrative medicine, mainly through the use of Chinese Medicine, for the treatment of hepatological diseases such as both acute and chronic viral hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, autoimmune liver conditions, fatty liver etc. She advocated the use of a “Four-in-One” combined treatment therapy (medication, psychology, diet, exercise) to treat liver diseases. With particular emphasis on syndrome differentiation for Hepatitis B, she has shown significant treatment results in the area of viral replication inhibition, anti-fibrosis and immunomodulatory, as well as the use of Chinese Medicine to impove the quality of life for cirrhotic liver cancer patients. She has also experience in other conditions such as autoimmune hepatis and metabolic syndromes such as diabetes and hyperuricemia.


1. Clinical Practice of “When liver diseases occurs, it will spread to the spleen, so the qi of the spleen should be reinforced before it is affected”

2. Clinical Practice and development of the use of activating blood to resolve stasis for liver diseases

3. Research Findings and Treatment Strategy of the quality of life for chronic Hepatitis B patients

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