Qualified Chinese Medicine Herbalist Course

The Qualified Chinese Medicine Herbalist Programme is targeted at a group of trained professionals in the area of Chinese Medicinal dispensary and those who are have prior professional training in the area of Chinese Medicine. The programme equips them with in-depth understanding in areas of fundamental Chinese medicine, Chinese Material Medica, formulary, processing and the latest TCM dosage forms.

This programme was designed to provide a test of competency for individuals engaged in Chinese Medicinal dispensary and looking for enhancement in the theory and practicality aspects of Chinese Materia Medica. The course was conducted from 22 June 2015 – 28 June 2015.

It is the first for Eu Yan Sang Academy to employ a distance learning method for the delivery of course content. Trainers from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine conducted the lessons in Shanghai to our students in Singapore, promoting good learning experiences and interaction. Chinese Medicine Herbalists of Eu Yan Sang participated in this inaugural course in which they went through a one-week intensive course consisting of theory and assessment.

All participants passed the assessment by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and were given the title of “Qualified Chinese Medicine Herbalist”. With the enhanced knowledge in Chinese Materia Medica and TCM formulary, they will be able to perform their job functions to the best of their abilities in our Eu Yan Sang retail stores.