Continuing TCM Education Series 9: Pediatrics

Co-organized by Eu Yan Sang Academy and Singapore Chinese Medical Union

Event Date: 15 – 17 September 2017

CTE Points: 9

Venue: Academia, 20 College Rd, Singapore 169856 (located in Singapore General Hospital Campus)

*Local registered TCM Practitioners are eligible for Employment and Employability Institute‘s (e2i) 50% Course Fee Subsidy. For more information, kindly refer to the Terms and Conditions.

About the Speaker: Professor Jiang ZhiYan

Professor Jiang Zhiyan is a Chief Physician of the Pediatric Department in Longhua Hospital (affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine). She graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (originally Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine College) in 1983 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine. In July 1983, she entered Longhua Hospital as a pediatrics medical professional. She holds many positions in various clubs and societies related to her specialization.

Professor Jiang specializes in using integrative medicine, mainly through the use of Chinese Medicine, for treatment in common pediatric conditions such as recurring respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, kidney disease, precocious puberty in girls and liver diseases in children. She was under the tutelage of China’s famous Physician Su Hua, adept at using the method of nourishing the spleen and is well known for using concise prescriptions for treatment. Professor Jiang has over 30 years of both clinical and teaching experience and has participated in the publication of various academic books, research articles and magazines.


1. The Theoretical Study and Clinical Research of “Yun Pi Zhi Bi” in the Treatment of Pediatric Diseases

2. The Usage of “Xu Pediatric Therapy” in the Treatment of Pediatric Diseases

3. Clinical Experience of treating Respiratory Diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine: Pediatric Pneumonia

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